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Which Router?


Which Router?


im just about to buy a router to replace my usb external modem, to share the adsl between my pc and my other, trouble is theres so many different makes and models and prices im confused on which one to buy. i want a decent, reliable, fast router for a resonable price.

any suggestions on which one?, and where i could buy it? thank you Wink
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Which Router?

Have a look here at the ADSL Guide revues which should help you to decide.

Plenty of places to buy from

Micro Direct

and more

Zyxel 652

I went with the Zyxel 652. It was its firewall and straightforward setupl that swung it for me. Previously I was on a Prestige 202 for my Homehigway. I've found the Zyxels to be very dependable. Not the cheapest router on the block though. I got mine from

Which Router?

I have to say the same.

I use a Zyxel Prestige 643 at home, and it is also the one I chose for my boses home connection.

I had some major issue with it at first, with it constantly having connection issues. This was during the fat pipe issues of last year, so the issue where amplified.

It made it tricky to prove an issue with the router, or that the fat pipe was to blame. It was at this time that I fell in love more with +Net, as the phoned me rather than the other way around, to help diagnose the issue.

A firmware update was issue 2 weeks or so later, and I have never had an issue since.

I am currently on day 22 of uptime for the router (power cut was to blame on the last one) and day 9 of having a synced and data capable trasfer link (ie, no dropouts).

Which Router?

Just bought a netgear DG 814 after asking the same question
good piece of kit easy to setup out of box and working in 10 mins
well pleased

Which Router?

The aforementioned Netgear DG814 or the DLink DSL-504 would be my recommendations - I use the latter, and it took me all of 10 mins from unpacking the router to getting up & running Smiley

Which Router?

I have the same d-link (dsl-504). Although it was easy to setup (even my dad managed it in about 10 minutes) - I've had problems with it losing the connection. On MSN 6 I've found that when trying to receive a file, it crashes the router, which requires a restart. The same things if I have a webserver and a few people try to download from it. Though these problems may be fixable with a firmware upgrade, you've got to consider why these problems weren't fixed sooner.