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Which Package - Advice Please

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Which Package - Advice Please

I am currently on dial-up and I am considering switching to a broadband package. I have attempted to read up on all the info and advice already but would really appreciate some views from exisiting package users. My usage would be mostly evenings and weekends, largely surfing, email, shopping etc. but accepting that my usage is likely to go up with broadband so occasional file downloads etc.

I'm looking at the £14.99 packages and am leaning towards the 512k Unlimited on the basis that the speed hike from dial-up will be significant anyway and I won't have to worry about any further costs regardless of use.

Views appreciated.
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Which Package - Advice Please

The problem with broadband is that you don't know what you might do with it till you get it. On dialup, you wouldn't even think about watching BBC broacasts, downloading TV programmes etc.

I went for 512k premier on that basis, and found that I use it quite a bit (now 2Mb premier, 30Gb usage), but it does cost £21.99

If cost is an issue, the £14.99 512k broadband plus sounds a good choice since, as you say, you won't have to worry about usage.
If you start using peer to peer though, they do say that they will slow the plus accounts down at busy times. With the premier and lite accounts, you will get put on at the fastest speed your line can support up to 2Mb, which you would find useful once you'd got used to 512k.

Since Plusnet charge you a one-off £14.99 to change to a cheaper monthly account, you're problably better off starting low and upgrading rather than the other way round.

Which Package - Advice Please

I would sign up for the £14.99 Broadband Plus package and see how you get on with that. You can always upgrade to one of the other packages at a later date if you find it's not suitable for your.

RE: Packages

@ gpattison
you're problably better off starting low and upgrading rather than the other way round.

Good point there, I would agree with that