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Wheres my ADSL max upgrade


Wheres my ADSL max upgrade

I have been waiting and waiting for ADSLMAX since early this year after i recieved an email saying (adslmax will soon be connected ect) :lol: Then nothing Sad . After finding plusnet had stopped regrading people i started having connection problems adsl dropping connections ect :? .. And i pay £21.99 for this SH!T Evil . Come on plusnet i can get better service else where. Wheres my upgrade its been long enough now to sort things out. And i bet theres alot of people like me in the same boat.
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Wheres my ADSL max upgrade

MaxDSL upgrades have been suspended until further notice due to the amount of problems there are with the BTw's system and management of MaxDSL and also due to the amount of MaxDSL related problems customers are having.

Wheres my ADSL max upgrade

Trust me, you don't want it.

I've been plagued with problems for over 2 months & the connection still dies.

BT have re-wired my home wiring & fitted their special Master socket which is connected directly to the PC - all internal telphone lines are slaved from this with no filters attached.

The technician informed me & I believe him, is that unless there line is terminated correctly AND with no other spurs, it will result in reflections down the line & affect up the synchronisation necessary for a stable connection.

If you've got a stable 2M line then I'd gladly sway for my unstable 2.8M (when it works) 'high speed' conection.


Even so, it would have been nice of PN to e-mail those of us that are still waiting for the upgrade, and inform us of the present suspension.

Had I not read this I would still be waiting. Now it looks like I should be relieved that I was at the bottom of the list.