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Where the feck can i read about this regrade thing ?


Where the feck can i read about this regrade thing ?

Im seeing snippets here and there..Wheres the info?

From my inbox....

Your username: jamesmcgee

Dear Mr James McGee,

This email is to notify you of the introduction of a fair usage policy for our residential broadband services, which will apply from April 2005. Additional information and an FAQ, where we have answered many questions that may arise have also been provided at the bottom of this email. Further to this, we will shortly make an additional announcement which relates to free connection speed increases being offered to all customers.


Our residential broadband services are sold based on a 50:1 shared (contended) service. Customers who continuously download very large files, especially from sources where no revenue is generated to cover the cost of such high usage, are effectively using their connection as a 1:1 service. If left unchecked, this burden on capacity, plus the higher costs associated with this type of usage, would have meant general price increases or an impact on the speed and quality of our service for all customers. Furthermore, with the imminent connection speed increases most customers can expect to see, the problems caused by the very heaviest of users will only increase if no action is taken.

Fair Usage Policy

After reviewing our recent exercise, which placed the 0.2% of customers who had the highest utilisation onto a reserved platform, shared between themselves, it became clear that this was successful in terms of returning 10% of capacity. It was also apparent however that we needed to be clearer about what our Broadband products are designed to offer. Following feedback from our customers, we committed to introducing a clear fair usage policy, based on current contention levels, so that everyone can understand what fair and sustainable levels of usage are on our Premier broadband products.

We have worked hard to deliver a solution which avoids the need for us to increase prices or introduce monthly data transfer limits, both of which have been recently announced by many of our competitors. Because we understand that our customers wish to continue using a broadband product that is both flexible and sustainable, while offering great value at a low price, the fair usage policy we are adopting addresses these concerns. We believe it is both the clearest and fairest way for us to continue to offer the quality and service we are renowned for, to all of our customers.

The fair usage policy which is being introduced has been designed after taking into account specific customer feedback provided by the PlusNet Usergroup as well as a customer feedback survey, conducted last month. We envisage that the system will only affect around 1% of our customers, and even then, the design means a much smaller proportion than this will ever have their service impacted as a result of our fair usage policy. More information as well as details of how the system will work are provided on our website:

We would also like to highlight that the fair usage levels which have been set are reflective of current wholesale costs for broadband provision, which like every ISP we must absorb. We recognise that usage levels vary for different customers and usage can be higher when people first register for broadband. The introduction of Internet telephony and video-on-demand style services will undoubtedly mean fair usage thresholds are reviewed in the future and because it is likely that provision of such services would include a revenue generating opportunity for ISPs, it means the costs of delivering these services can be accommodated within our product strategy.

The fair usage thresholds we will be implementing significantly exceed those defined by the 50:1 contended nature of our residential broadband products. As such, these changes represent a clarification to our existing terms and conditions (Sections 11.2(b) & 50.1). The introduction of a fair usage policy does not reflect a change to the product we are supplying. We would however encourage any customer who is unclear about any matter in relation to fair usage to contact our support centre where we will be happy to address your individual enquiry. Before doing so however we would ask that customers review all of the additional content provided in the link above.

With Regards,

Carol Axe
PlusNet Customer Support
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Where the feck can i read about this regrade thing ?

You should have received it as an email to your postmaster mailbox. It is also available in tghe announcements forum, undet service status and various other places.