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Where do I start?


Where do I start?

My exchange gets enabled on the 18th of May for ADSL. When do I start gettings things like my line activated and what do I do? I do not really have a clue.

I am currently on dialup from PlusNet so have been waiting for this for a long time.

I have a Belkin Wireless ADSL Modem Router as I was resetting up my home network so I thought I might as well buy this at that time so I have got that bit sorted but not sure where to go from here.

Also when do I plug my filters in as I was given some brand new ones from a friend as they got too many so as far as I am aware I do not have to buy anything hardware wise.

Please can someone explain to me? Thanks.

Where do I start?

As your exchange doesnt become adsl enabled untill 18 May there isnt anything you can do before then.

If you apply for adsl before that date the checker will show adsl is not available and the process will stall.

Wait untill the exchange is enabled and apply then.

You will only need to plug the filters in when ADSL is active.

If you have any other queries regarding the initial set up of your connection the Tutorials and FAQ's section of the portal is wel worth a look. There are some very helpful guides created by fellow customers which will keep you on th right track.

Where do I start?


So basically I can not get everything ready for May the 18th and I am going to have to wait till my line gets activated? I wanted it all ready and waiting for the 18th. Oh well.

Thanks again.
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Where do I start?

I believe you can place an order, and when the process stalls raise a ticket with PN to get it pre-ordered. That's what I did. My exchange was enabled 7th July. I ordered well in advance and my line was activated a few days after my exchange.

Where do I start?

I will bear that in mind.