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When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?


When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

I have just joined Plusnet, and taken up the 512kADSL. I really wanted a 1M or 2M but was told I was too far away to get it.

However yesterday when I was connected up for the first time and my account activated, i was getting speeds of 1600K download on the ADSL guide speed test.

My download speeds from was running at 150Kb - 190Kb/s.

However later on it appeared that my connection was throtled down to standard 512K ADSL. So the speed tests became a more normal 460K downstream, and download speed from dropped to approx 58Kb/s

Anyway it appears that for large part of the day I was getting nearly 2MB - does this in fact mean that I can get 1M or 2MB ADSL connection even though BT/Plusnet say's not. ?
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When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

hmm really should make a backup of this reply for copy pasting but:

No Test site will ever show you your true speed 100% of the time, they get it wrong. Mainly due to too many people using it and swamping it. Or just plain bugs in the test.

So the only Accurate method is downloading a large file from a know fast FTP and taking the average.
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When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

This may have been playing tricks with your eyes, however, I doubt there is a way to proove or disprrove this fact.

The best thing to have done, is to have checked what your connection device said your speed was. This will usualy give the maximum speed of you line (for IPStream500, you would normaly see 512 or 588 depending on what your modem says).

Re: When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

I have just joined Plusnet, and taken up the 512kADSL. I really wanted a 1M or 2M but was told I was too far away to get it

Who told u that u was too far away to recieve 1mb/2mb? PlusNet or are u going on what the BT tracker is telling u? Unless you've already had ADSL with PlusNet I dont believe they can perform a "Woosh" test on ur line, so If they told u that u that couldn't get these speeds they were probably taking the info from BT's tracker which isn't always accurate!

Now that your on ADSL though, you can ask for a "Woosh" test on your line to see if u really can get 1mb or 2mb. What you should have done is asked for the connection of ur choice 1or2mb then if it failed the tests to have a 512k line. This is what I arranged as a fall back, fortunatley I didn't need to go that route in the end. 2mb is very nice ta Wink.
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When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

:? I was also told the same as you when I typed my number into the BT tracker, so I ordered the 512 which is fast enough for me, also when first connected to ADSL my connection showed 1mb for a period of time and you will probably notice this will happen again on the odd occasion but I don't think it means you are connected at that speed as I have not noticed any faster download speed at these times when the connection shows 1mb, although the web pages do look to appear faster but that could just be my imagination. :shock:
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When is a 512K ADSL a 1M ADSL ?

If you on a 512k Home package, your connection CAN'T go any faster than 512k and even i you live right next door to your exchange it still CAN'T go faster than 512k!
Normal speeds are 480k which is fast for ADSL Home,

Some times your internet speed seems faster, This may be due to loads of reasons, e.g less internet users on the net.

I hope this was some help.

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