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When is Slough area getting 2Mb?


When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

I can't get any information about this - I currently get 1Mb ok and I believe that is the limit in the area as BT hasn't upgraded the exhange.

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

Hi bubblesnap,

It is unlikely that your exchange is limited to 1mb. Your dslam may not have been upgraded or your line may not be capable of supporting a faster speed but your exchange should be capable of providing 2mb to those that can have it.

Enter your phone number here for info on your dslam upgrade status. This information is a rough guide and the BT program is subject to delay.

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

Thanks for the link. It does look like BT are planning to upgrade the DSLAMs at the exchange this month (well, at least sometime fairly soon given the delays BT seem to incurr).

I had previous information that suggested that this was one of the first ADSL exchanges set up in the UK and therefore was limited to 1Mb max per port. Most of the line is completely new - new build house.

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

Still haven't seen any improvement from the line. BT's online checker shows as 1Mbit max available for this exchange. I'm guessing it is an old system.

Anyone know if BT is planning to upgrade?

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When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

I believe that all of the planned speed upgrades should be completed by the end of this month (October) so if you still haven't seen a apeed upgrade or heard that your line won't take 2meg by then.
Raise a Link:Contact us ticket and query it.

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

If the BT line checker is reporting a max speed of 1Mb, then this is all you will likely ever receive.

The exchange upgrades people are receiving is not a magic fix for those with longer lines. If a line can only support 1Mb, then BT are not changing things so that it will now support 2Mb.

Does your modem provide any line statistics like a SNR (signal to noise ration) or attuation figure (also labeled as Line loss in some cases).

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

I have the following data from the stats page on the router.

Item DownStream Upstream
Line Attenuation 42 db 14 db
Noise Margin 31 db 27 db

I'm reasonably sure that I checked the exchange on a website which stated there was a limit to what was available at it. You are right, the line may also cause a limitation, but I believe the line checker on BT's website tells you the maximum possible, subject to line survey . Is that right?

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

Hi bubblesnap! Smiley

I'm on the Slough exchange and have had the 2MB connection since May. I'm not far from Wexham Park Hospital (i think i'm quoted as being 1.8Km from the main Slough exchange). I was on 1Mb before that without any problems. And since I was upgraded to 2Mb (at my request, not through natural upgrade) I still have had no noticable problems. The Slough main exchange is showing VP as red but as yet this doesn't seem to have affected my connection. The line we have is over 30 years old yet the connection is solid and reliable. I also have a phone extension which goes from the front of the house, up through the roof, and down the other side before entering my router (> 30ft).

I have just tried the BT line checker and if I type in my postcode (SL2...) then I get :

For Postcode SL2 XXX

Our initial test on your postcode indicates that you should be able to get Broadband from BT with speeds up to 1Mb, which is up to 20 times faster than dial-up. At the moment, your telephone line is unable to support our 2Mb speed broadband package. Also, due to the length of your line, an engineer visit may be required to set up your broadband service. For a more accurate result please check again using your telephone number.

But if I enter my phone number then I get :

For Telephone Number 017535XXXXX on Exchange SLOUGH MAIN

Our initial test on your line indicates that you should be able to have Broadband from BT with speeds up to 2Mb.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable for the speed of service you wish to order.

So as you can see the phone number was far more accurate than the postcode checker. Also after I placed my order (with F9 / PlusNet) no engineer was needed at the house.

My line stats for you to compare with (this is with the router plugged into the extension lead with 2 telephones on the line) :

Item..................Downstream Upstream
Noise Margin.........16................25..........

Sorry I can't be more helpful but maybe useful as a comparison. Good luck though! Smiley


When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

Thanks for the comparitive note...

Just for reference:


For Telephone Number 01753XXXXXX on Exchange SLOUGH LANGLEY

Your exchange has ADSL broadband.

Our initial test on your line indicates that you may be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides 1Mbps, 512Kbps or 256Kbps download speed. However due to the length of your line the 1Mbps service may require an engineer visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

I get a similar message for the postcode check to you.

I checked on on the Slough main and Slough langley exchanges. Slough main appears to be more recent in technology terms - offering SDSL and LLU services as well as ADSL. I'm afraid poor old Langley is seen as the boondocks.

Of course, that all means diddly squat if line is bad - but I don't know enough to know whether my line is good or bad or average. Your figures would suggest you have a better line which is shorter (exchange distance) I'm guessing, based on a brief google for terms. Maybe I am stuck with 1Mbit until I move out of the boondocks Sad

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

A postcode check is poor, as it is only able to check based on the area you enter. A phone number is more accurate, because it checks the data for the physical line assigned for the number.

All exchange checkers are based on provisional data, and that obtained through routine testing performed by BT.

They do not perform real-time checks and it certainly isn't accurate data, though in a good many cases, it is.

The stats from your router (42dB attuation) are very borderline, and are only 1dB off the BT limits. BT's provisional & routine tests at the time may have shown this line to be out of bounds.

You could try for an upgrade, but sucess may not be with you.

When is Slough area getting 2Mb?

I was surprised to be able to get 1Mbit at the time as 512Kbit was the only guarenteed support level from BT. No engineer came to test the line though.

I'm not sure how I would go about asking for an upgrade though. Do I ask plusnet or BT?

If upgrade isn't possible, then I'm kind of stuck because the area I'm in wasn't cabled up, so I can't get NTL/Telewest service and satellite broadband is slow and expensive. Unless something new comes along that offers better speed, or I move house, this is the only option right now.