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When does speed upgrade happen?


When does speed upgrade happen?

I think there used to be some online guidance about when upgrades were planned to happen, and the ability to check the local situation. I can't find any kind of guide on the website now as to when I can expect a 2mb connection. Can a Plusnet representative respond on this please?

I am getting fed up with seeing loads of advertising for 2mb broadband products at prices of around £15 a month (including from Plusnet!) when I am paying over £20 a month for a 512k broadband product!!!

Thank you.
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When does speed upgrade happen?

If your on the previous package for £21.99 (which I am assuming you are) this will be upgraded as per the details on , please enter your phone number rather than postcode/exchange name so the system can work out which DSLAM you are on.

If you are wanting to pay £14.99 for a package, you have two options :-
Pay as You Go - You get 1gb free and pay for each additional GB.
Plus - Good for startup internet users but best for only browsing and email at peak times.

To be honest, I recomend you stay on Premier for £21.99.

If you are wanting the upgrade fast, you can pay £14.99 one off fee for it and be upgraded to 2mb (assuming your line will support it) in under 7 days.

Best Regards,
Craig Brass