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When To Order My Router?


When To Order My Router?

Advice please.... BT are doing my line conversion on the morning of 15th August. As a current Home Higwhay user if the line fails the test, they'll put my Home Highway back. If they don't put my Home Highway back, can I take that as conclusive evidence that my desired 1Mb service will work?

Next... I understand there is a delay between BT completing the work and them notifying success, or failure, to PlusNet. As this work is being done on Friday AM, what's the likelihood of this being resolved before the weekend?

I had intended to order my router on the afternoon of Friday 15th for Saturday AM delivery. Am I likely to be jumping the gun a little?

When To Order My Router?

It's advisable not to purcahse any hardware before your line has been fully tested [and preferably your dsl account has been fully setup].

I didn't buy anything until I got the full green light at the "Your connection is active" stage here.

Note: You could safely buy things once you passed the 'Now your line has passed our initial checks, we have submitted your line for activation by BT.' stage
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When To Order My Router?

Apparently, even though a line passes initial checks doesn't mean it will certainly be fine... I wouldn't buy anything until the line is properly activated.


When To Order My Router?

Oh ok - that's why I waited until the very last minute Smiley

I didn't want to shell out £150 for nothing.