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Whats the points of bittorrent?


Whats the points of bittorrent?

I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the point of bittorrent is, several people told me that bittorrent was amazing with great download speeds. But thats not my experience, I very rarely get more than 25k/s speed no matter what client I use, how many seeds a torrent has or how much speed I give for uploading.

Several people have given advice on how to get the most out of bittorrent, all tried and most failed e.g. forward ports. the only thing I can think of is plusnet is squeezing my bandwidth even though I'm a premier account holder so if anybody can restore my faith in bittorrent, I'll be greatful otherwise I'm going back to Morpheus.
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Bit Torrent

I use Bit Tornado.... I do find Plus net dont provide a tip top service with this, If i run it on one of the servers in telehouse i can pull down and sustain 5mb a second... I pulled a file down ( it wasnt Lost Season 2 episode 1!! because that would be illegal ) in about 15 minutes.

Because Plusnet do not throttle http i just pull the file down over http from the server in telehouse.

I realise this isnt an option for most people but my point is Bit Torrent works, It is however one of these "get out what you put in" programs which has obviouse draw backs for ADSL because you can only upload at 25kps.

And anyone not wanting to download LOST but a file similar in size should check out