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What's going on here then? :(

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Registered: 26-06-2007

What's going on here then? :(

As I can see from other posts here today I am not the only one experiencing slow ADSL performance today. Which is a shame, as the service had been perfect for 3 month solid before today Sad .

I've rebooted my Router and my Computer and checked all my connections and everything seems fine my end. But the Internet is all messed up.
I'm getting about 20-25% packet loss.
Downloads are running 20% slower.
I'm getting multiple timeouts also. General Browsing appears to be the main problem. Its currently a nightmare for me. Its taking ages to load a page.

Oh well suppose one blip in 3 months of perfect service isn't that big a deal.

Later all,

Andrew Smiley .
Posts: 921
Registered: 26-06-2007

RE: What's going on here then? :(

Dammit! I've just read the Service Status page and its appears that you PlusNet support guys are already all over the problem. You are too dam quick! At least give me the chance to moan just once about you. It would make a nice variety from singing your praises all the time! *LOL*

Keep up the good work guys Smiley


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RE: What's going on here then? :(

I second that! I have to say I've only been with PlusNet now for a few days (just had ADSL activated), and despite the messed up internet access at the moment, I have to say it is the best customer support I have ever received from a net-basec company. These guys really are great, I mean name me one other company that responds to a users query within 5 minutes of posting at 6am on a weekday?

PlusNet rule Smiley

RE: What's going on here then? :(


I know everyone has probably been complaining about this all day but I have to say that ADSL performance has gone awful over the last 7 days.

I've not really thought about saying anything until today. All I want to do is browse a few sites and I will happily and honestly say that I would be better on a 56K modem. The downloads are ok once they start but browsing etc. is just useless.

Why does this keep happening? I have one mate with BT and another with Zen and they have never had these problems.

Customer support does seem good though.

There you go. TDCat.
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