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What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

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What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

I have been running my local exchange's Broadband campaign, and have now successfully achieved our target after six months' hard work door knocking. BT have now given us a Ready for Service date of 19th May.

However, people are beginning to ask me whether Broadband is really worth the extra. Of course, having not been able to experience it myself, I cannot answer that question, and would therefore be interested in other people's honest (not prejudiced) views.

I have an ISDN connection and subscribe to PlusNet Connect Lite, which I use to its maximum. Obviously, the service has its moments, but by and large, I find the service good. The connection is more or less instantaneous whenever I want it - it is rare that I have to wait, although it does happen sometimes in the evenings, but the wait is seldom more than 30 seconds - and as I set my Outlook profile to check for email every 30 minutes automatically, I am not sure what the real advantages of Broadband might be. The connection is always stable and after PlusNet sorted out the fiasco of several months' ago, I really have no complaints whatsoever. Cheesy (I am touching wood hard as I write this !).

Where I do get frustrated is when accessing third party URLs and find them busy. I always assume that the cause is the the third party server and that it is not related to PlusNet, but maybe I am being naive. I have assumed that once the PlusNet connection is successfully made, then "surfing" is transparent and any delays are due to the third party servers, not to PlusNet. Is this correct, and if not, is Broadband likely to improve the situation ? Will I really see any difference ?

Of course, I understand that uploading and downloading large files will be significantly faster with Broadband, but that is something I probably do maybe once a week, and then I just make sure that I do it at lunchtime in my absence, or at some other convenient time when it does not affect me. I am not sure that it is worth paying the extra for Broadband just for this occasional requirement which does not usually inconvenience me.

I will be recommending PlusNet to all those who have registered with me to achieve our BT target - nearly 200 people - but I want to be sure that I can give them honest advice which is difficult when I have not been able to test drive Broadband myself !!

Any fair comments would be appreciated.
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What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

> "whether Broadband is really worth the extra. "

Broadband does not have to cost extra. PlusNet do 150k ADSL (not quite broadband) for £15.99 per month - similar to what people pay montly for dialup. With that you get 3x faster downloads, an ALWAYS on connection and you can use your phone at the same time. It only costs £30 to install, too. I think that's worth it.

What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

I had the same thoughts about a year ago.
I am just a home user, dail up connection, not over used and pay as you go dial up costing about £6 a month (too slow to use any more, even though i wanted to)

I finally gave in and upgraded to plusnet broadband and havn't looked back.

I have forgotten the cost and remember how long surfing used to take even for simple searches.
The extra cost is worth every penny in time saved by the speed of connection.

kids homework, shopping, surfing is now part of family life, it's actually a pain with the whole family competing for the computer just about every evening/weekend.

Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

Costs are a good argument against staying with ISDN.

You don't say if you're a Home Highway user, but, if you are, then you are paying upwards of £25 per month to BT for your ISDN. On top of this, you are paying PN £10 for your Connect Lite package, making £35 per month in total.

Since it doesn't sound like you're a P2Per or Binary Newsgrouper, then the ADSL Home Surf package would suit you fine. Gives you 512Kb downstream at 50:1 contention for £19. Your BT phone bill would no longer need ISDN and could go down to about £12 per month. That comes to about £31 per month.

So, for £4 less per month, you're getting 24/7 connection at speeds of up to 8x faster than you are getting on ISDN.

You could reduce this even further by going for the new 150Kb service when it becomes available.

No competition, IMHO.
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What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

You still have to factor in the ADSL activation fee to the above figures which varies depending on the product you go for: £30 for DSL connect, upto £70.50 for Home surf no modem. So cost it out for a 12 month period and see what the savings will be.

To know what the costs of each product is, just view each ones details here (residential) - see the options down the right, click on the more link for product specs - and click the sign up button to get a table of costs.

What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

I wouldn't want to back to an 'ordinary' dial up line - broadband has been great - no arguments over who's online (computers are networked together through broadband router and everyone can access when they please and at the same time!!) Its always on so there's no waiting around for the connection. As far as our family is concerned its certainly not a waste of the extra monthly fee for broadband. :lol:


What is the real benefit of Broadband ?

I have had broadband 4 one year nxt month and going back 2 dial is one step back in the wrong direction for me. Its so much faster and helpfull for little downloads. I am thinking about upgrading 2 1mb but i am waiting 2 see if they will drop the price of it. Plus i use xbox live which u need broadband.

So broadband is grt