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What is P2P?

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What is P2P?

Sorry for a really basic question, but what is P2P software? I understand that using it takes up more of your broadband ration for the month, but I'm not sure what it is and whether I'm using it!! Would I know if I was? Does downloading music count as P2P?

Any help appreciated! Thanks.
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What is P2P?

P2P stands for peer to peer and is a method that allows PCs over the internet to communicate and transfer data with each other. Th peer to peer just means being able to connect your PC to someone elses to transfer information. It is often the term used for file sharing applications where running P2P or filesharing software on your PC makes you part of a network of PCs on the internet that allows you to find and download files from other P2P systems and allowing other users to download files from your PC.

This is often where the pirated software and music can be found but there are also other legitimate uses for P2P software i.e. for distributed computing like the project I am runing (see sig), or Skype for telepnone connections over the internet.

Some typical P2P/file sharing apps are edonkey, Kazza, Morpheus.

As for downloading music, it depends on how you do this. If you just download from a website then that is not P2P. If you are running software that allows you to find and download music files from a network (like Kazza) then that is most likely a filesharing or P2P app.