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What is Level 3?


What is Level 3?

I'm on broadband premier, (option 1 apparently), and i have 3 days left of the billing month. I went over my 15GB peak time usage today (after looking at the usage tool), and now FTP access is non-existant. I went to upload some photos to my site to find my connections timing out.

So is this right?

I cannot find anything out about this "level 3" that im supposedly on, and the link it does give me, goes on about bronze silver and gold, and even on that page there is nothing about being crippled in such a way.

I'm so fed up with plusnet, the product i have been forced into is now completely and totally different to the product i signed up for, less than a year ago.I cant leave either, without paying some crazy deferred payment fee.

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What is Level 3?

There's plenty on the forums about the limits if you look.

I've just found:
Once you have used 15GB at peak times P2P, Usenet and Non-PN FTP would be blocked. You can still use your account for surfing, Email, Gaming, so long as you don’t exceed 30GB.

You will have had warnings though, starting I believe at 8GB, so it can't have come as a complete shock to you.

If you need to use 15GB plus every month at peak time, you'd be better suited with one of the other (dearer) packages which has a bigger allowance, or failing that finding an ISP who doesn't mind so much (if you can for the price).

It may not be what you want, but that's the way Plusnet is now, I'm afraid.

What is Level 3?

just found out there is a level 4, despite level 3 stating there will be no further restrictions

* Usenet, peer-to-peer and external FTP services will be blocked.
* All other Internet activities will be available at speeds up to 128Kbps.

so no virus updates
no windows updates

what a pile of poo this service is

What is Level 3?

Agreed, I understand there has got to be some usage rules etc but wouldn't be better to only apply them to people who are really taking the biscuit, rather than people who may happen to go over once in a while?

I remember when broadband was first launched, we were all promised unlimited access, anytime day or night, without tying up your phone line. All the companies soon realised this wasn't going to work (in their money making favor) so of course usage rules came in.

If someone is burning 100's of GB per month on P2P, then fine, limit them. 15GB to 30GB isn't a lot to play with, especially if you are a heavy user like me (all HTTP or FTP).

I've got NTL 10Mb in my other house, it's great. Same price as Option 3, no usage limits. Just a pity about the customer service.

PlusNet are progressively getting worse, I've been with them for many years and wanted to try and stick with them but I don't see why I should now.

Rant over. I'm sure it's been said many times before. I don't care.

What is Level 3?

I'm starting to work on getting my downloads all to run after midnight... That way the only traffic that gets included is my main web traffic, i.e emails etc. You should be able to do this on windows via scheduler, or a download programme.

Also, you can schedule when windows updates fire...

I'm running Ubuntu Linux, so I will be (as soon as the latest kernal Mangle gets fixed) be setting my updates to go thru nightly, after midnight, using cron.

Also, if you want to schedule downloads, wget & cron is your friend. You can get programmes that help you make crons if you don't know how.