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What have I done to upset PlusNet?


What have I done to upset PlusNet?

Hi to anybody who reads this!

On the 5th of April, I decided to be impatient and request a regrade to the Premier Account with 30gb limit (never get near it anyway) and a speed upgrade (currently on 1mb) to the highest achieveable on the exchange (2mb)

I got this e-mail back

This is an email from PlusNet to confirm that we have received your
broadband regrade request. Your order has now been submitted to BT and the
payment of £14.99 has been taken on invoice '2894928'. We will refund this
payment in full if we find that your phone line cannot support the new

If your phone line is suitable the regrade will take place within 5-7 days
and you should experience a maximum of 20 minutes of downtime.


So far so good.....

Then I got another e-mail about five minutes later saying

PlusNet are pleased to confirm that your ADSL regrade to PlusNet Broadband
Premier 30GB (Annual Contract, No Modem) is now complete.
The payment of £14.99 has been taken on invoice '2894928'.

Any requested speed change to your broadband service will take half a day
to activate.


Great I thought, I've been upgraded straight away. Well it does clearly state on the e-mail that "speed change to your broadband service will take half a day
to activate" so why should I doubt it? I waited until the next day....reset my router...and checked. Nothing had changed.

So I did a speed test on PlusNet...and found my connection had gone from 960 odd to the 480s. So I thought I'd wait a bit...but nope, the connection had dropped to slower than my 512k connection speeds.

Still no update on my ticket - so over the weekend (10th) , I requested an update on my call. No reply. So I requested again and explained about the speed issues...No reply and no update to my tickets. So I logged a fresh ticket today just for my connection speeds. Still no reply.

Here's the reults of my speedtests

11/4/2005 19:49:03 471.40
11/4/2005 19:48:35 479.20
10/4/2005 22:07:22 484.60
10/4/2005 17:38:08 475.90
10/4/2005 17:37:40 480.00
10/4/2005 17:24:16 484.10
9/4/2005 16:22:48 349.30
9/4/2005 16:22:19 406.00
7/4/2005 23:06:21 411.30
7/4/2005 23:04:19 479.50
7/4/2005 22:36:02 479.10
7/4/2005 22:35:42 473.70
7/4/2005 22:35:15 400.50
6/4/2005 22:17:23 962.90
6/4/2005 17:32:12 960.00
6/4/2005 17:31:49 812.00
6/4/2005 17:31:19 968.80
6/4/2005 17:30:59 476.90
6/4/2005 17:26:31 476.90
6/4/2005 17:25:49 478.60
5/4/2005 19:57:30 963.30
5/4/2005 19:56:42 959.30
<Speed Upgrade Requested>
4/4/2005 23:43:54 964.90

Impressive results for a 1 meg connection aren't they??

And why can some one from PlusNet not respond to tickets? Before all this upgrade chaos, my tickets were answered effective and efficiently in hours not days!

So I'm turning to the forums on the off chance that somebody from PlusNet can wave their magic wands and let me know what is happening. (Looking through the other forums, it seems you can get more done here than going through the "official" channels.)

Can somebody advise when my speed upgrade will actually take place; why the connection speeds are so pathetic since requesting the speed upgrade and more importantly (to me at least) why nobody at PlusNet has had the curtesy to respond to my tickets - even if it's to tell me to Bog Off because they're busy!!

Sorry if I've waffled on and sorry if I've asked questions all ready asked!


What have I done to upset PlusNet?

You get sorted?
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What have I done to upset PlusNet?

There was another post along the same lines that was answered by a member of
plusnet staff
it was about the email sent out to the customer which said that there was an error in the wording in the email, it should`nt have said " half a day " but 5 - 7 days

i cant find that post to link you to it to read but maybe if theres a mod or even that CS member that knows which one i mean they will be able to link you to it

if i find it i will edit this