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What does this whoosh test mean?


What does this whoosh test mean?

I got the following through plusnet support and I wondered, could someone tell me what this means please?

Thanks in advance. Smiley

"A woosh on customers line shows 2Db up and 0Db down. Mick advises he has seen this before with someone who is very close to the exchange. To resolve with BT may take a very long time involving HLC."
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What does this whoosh test mean?

It means the woosh test (which tests the quality of your line between the exchange and your house) is reporting unexpectedly low figures which may indicate a possible fault or config error on your line at the exchange.

PN will be contacting BT to try and find out why the low figures were seen but they are indicating this may not be a 'quick fix' from past experience of similar problems.