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What does this tell you about Plusnet?


What does this tell you about Plusnet?

It appears that Plusnet now respond faster to MAC code requests than they do to support requests. The average response time to my support requests where 3-4 days for each message whilst my request for a MAC code was answered and issued the same day. These response times where also experienced by a colleague who was also having trouble and he got his MAC code the same day as well. To add insult to injury, the message detailing my MAC code also stated that they are sorry I'm leaving - Yeah right!

Plusnet seem happy to take your money regardless of the service they offer but as soon as you have an issue, they'd obviously rather you migrated to a proper ISP.

Roll on migration date.

What does this tell you about Plusnet?

A lot of the discrepancy in support times versus MAC request times could stem from the way that tickets are assigned to pools for resolution.

At least one member of PN staff (who is not part of any of the technical teams) often helps out with tickets.

Q:> Which ones does this person do most often?

A:> MAC requests!

I think MAC requests follow a defined process, so they can be trained out to lots of people fairly effectively - thus whenever other (non-tech) PN Staffers help clear backlogs etc, they start with the ones with a clear defined path for resolution.

Fault tickets by contrast, require a more technical knowledge to look at them effectively. They can by their nature be very varied in the problem and therefore the response/resolution which is required, hence we are more or less stuck waiting for the tech teams to get time to look at them.

Obviously with other people helping clear down the simple tickets, more time is freed up for the tech staff to devote to resolving the more complex issues.

/Just my take anyhow - I'm often proved wrong, so who knows?