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What does this mean???


What does this mean???

# DSLAM ID ADSL Capable SDSL Capable Commission Date Bulk Upgrade Date
1 UBK-ADSL-101 Yes No Already live June 2005
2 UBK-DSL-001 Yes No 01/08/2005 TBA

This is information on the exchange near me. Any idea what the bottom one means. I am hoping it could mea faster speeds for our area.

What does this mean???

To my untrained eye (okay I'm just out and out guessing!) it looks like your exchange had a capacity upgrade scheduled for 1st August, which is the 2nd line. But the bulk upgrades on the additional capacity has not been scheduled.

The reason for no bulk upgrade could be because it is a new installation and was installed at the upgraded speeds initially, but this is pure guess work and speculation on my part!.
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What does this mean???


This means that the DSLAM UBK-DSL-001 is ADS capable and went live on 1/08/2005 and the Bulk upgrade date for it is TBA (to be advised)

BT are behind with the Bulk upgrades by several months, but the latest news is that they are to be completed by the end of this month with a mop-up in November.

I hope this helps