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What does LLU mean?

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What does LLU mean?

What does it mean? Is it an advantage? As it doesn't seem so. TBH I don't want anything to do with Tiscali. I was quite happy with my connecton up to a few weeks ago.

Why change things that aren't broken?
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What does LLU mean?

LLU offers faster upload speeds and proabably in the future faster download speeds as well, also Tiscalis Fault System is more advanced and easier to use compared to BT Wholesales systems.

However there are some flaws in the profile that Tiscali use for setting up speed and performance, which seem to be giving users slower speeds and poorer connections as seen in many cases.

I have been keeping a close eye on user experience of Tiscali and have recently decided to opt out of ever being put on Tiscali since I have a very stable 8m MaxDSL connection, but the choice is entirly up to you!