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What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?


What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

On MaxDSL since beginning of May, many posts and tickets raised since, here's what I got so far in June:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
19-06-2006 23:14:34 206
19-06-2006 22:30:47 193.3
19-06-2006 22:30:18 205
19-06-2006 22:22:26 175.4
19-06-2006 22:21:53 196.3
18-06-2006 10:29:00 227.7
18-06-2006 10:28:33 238.6
13-06-2006 08:14:50 200.5
08-06-2006 19:34:15 359.9
08-06-2006 19:33:40 431.4
08-06-2006 07:38:47 484.5
08-06-2006 00:15:09 432.3
08-06-2006 00:14:41 428.3
08-06-2006 00:14:21 408.5
07-06-2006 12:31:35 481.3
07-06-2006 07:56:54 237.6
06-06-2006 23:32:11 238.3
06-06-2006 23:31:40 236
05-06-2006 21:37:21 209.8
05-06-2006 21:36:38 194.5

Exciting isn't it? Only got near my maximum stable rate of 512kbps during a few hours this month, the rest of the time, my connection speed is HALF what it used to be before MaxDSL!

And nobody acknowledging that there's a problem!

The reality is that rate adaptive ADSL isn't suitable for long copper lines with high attenuation, but you won't find admission of this anywhere.

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

Check mine - I'm being patient at the moment as I'm sure its due to the Max DSL thing, but so far the rate is shocking. The tests from Aug 05 were soon after I signed up and since the connection was so good and reliable I didn't bother with them till recently..

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
20-06-2006 00:12:13 132.8
17-06-2006 21:03:51 134.8
17-06-2006 13:22:16 137.3
15-06-2006 19:06:33 224.8
15-06-2006 00:49:17 127
14-06-2006 21:33:09 141.2
14-06-2006 21:32:27 133.4
01-08-2005 09:20:32 3126.7
01-08-2005 09:20:12 2854.4

Hmm.. I'd rather be on my old connection! faster and more reliable, maybe only 2 disconnects in over 8 mths, now I get them regularly, in fact I sometimes have more time disconnected than connected!

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

First speeds here are 9 days after I'd been maxed. I had none befoe that and nothing at all for most of my training period because you can't train with no connection (away with modem and electricity switched off).

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
20-06-2006 07:11:51 2257.3
20-06-2006 07:11:30 2289.3
16-06-2006 22:10:33 2060.7
16-06-2006 22:10:13 2081.9
16-06-2006 22:07:42 0
16-06-2006 22:07:31 0
16-06-2006 21:59:56 157538
14-05-2006 22:44:39 1414.9
14-05-2006 22:44:09 1804.5
14-05-2006 22:43:47 1775.2
13-05-2006 13:08:50 157538
12-05-2006 22:26:04 2122.9
12-05-2006 22:25:43 0
12-05-2006 22:23:32 1893.1
12-05-2006 22:23:06 2142.5
12-05-2006 22:22:45 2209.1
12-05-2006 07:46:53 2221.2
12-05-2006 07:46:18 2307.3
12-05-2006 07:45:47 2097.3
11-05-2006 21:16:17 994.6

What are you guys experiencing for SNR and attenuation? What speed did you have before Max, and how long have you been maxed? It took 3 weeks for me to stop getting disconnections and wild fluctuations in speed.
My 994 kb/s test was typical of my pre-max speeds, so I'm not complaining.. well, I am, but only because I want to make the 3 mb/s that BT says is the minimum I should get for my line..

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

Attenuation is quite high for my line, around 60db.

SNR is an interesting one, it fluctuates. In the early part of the trial period (I got "maxed" around 11th May), my router sync'd at 2Mbps with a SNR of 6db. Recently it's been anything from 384kbps/24db to 1100kbps/16db.

I believe that BT are adjusting this to get more stability and achieve their targeted QoS, which obviously they must do. But in the process they take a conservative approach and end user performance is penalised.

Before MaxDSL, my connection worked like clockwork with a sync speed of 576kbps for a SNR of about 13db.

I have to say I don't know where to go next...

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

I've never recorded SNR and attenuation for my line, and to be honest I'm not sure how to. Maybe someone can help me with that, perhaps it is possible to see historical data too..

I'm sure I'm still in the early stages of the upgrade to Max DSL. I have yet to be informed that I am actually 'officially' going through an upgrade, but reading other posts it seems this is normal, and therefore I have made an assumption that I am, due to the marked change in my connection speed and reliability. At a guess the upgrade started on 10th Jun as the previous day was the last time my connection behaved 'normally'.

alawless Your comment gives me hope that in time the speed and reliability connection will improve and stabilise. If in another couple of weeks things have not improved, I will start getting a bit miffed Sad
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What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

I have been Max'd since 1/5/06 - nothing but problems since - my speeds did settle down to around just under 2mb, but then I went on hoilday and as you can see my speed is now very low.

19-06-2006 18:26:32 245.1
19-06-2006 17:58:34 242.5
19-06-2006 17:57:55 241.3
17-06-2006 22:41:49 141.5
17-06-2006 22:40:51 149.2
02-06-2006 21:55:11 1930
02-06-2006 21:54:51 1914.7
31-05-2006 22:35:11 1922.2
31-05-2006 22:34:52 1967.3
31-05-2006 18:23:00 1924.8
31-05-2006 18:22:29 1979.1
31-05-2006 18:22:07 1969.1
29-05-2006 10:07:13 1962.5
29-05-2006 10:06:53 1958
28-05-2006 09:20:42 1967.8
28-05-2006 09:20:23 1968.1
27-05-2006 20:49:15 1949.1
27-05-2006 20:48:54 1953.8
27-05-2006 12:58:46 1906.2
26-05-2006 23:58:25 1964.5

My router is consistantly syncing aroud 5500 to 6300. Before I went away my stable rate was 5500 BUT on my return it has reduced to 1000. Have had a ticket open about speed problems since 15/5/06 - my last reply to PN on 17/6/06 remains unanswered. I have already been down the BT speed test route - as per PN''s general replys, (they never seem to answer any specific questions).

All I can say is before Max I had a stable consistant connection - My 12 month contract ends in July and a move to another ISP is a possibility. Maybe if I move to BT they will be able to provide me with the service I originally signed up for with PN and as the wholesale provider will be able to sort out problems a lot quicker than PN.

I am absolutely p****d off. Sad

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

So it's a few of us in this case then.

I could be wrong, but my perception right now is that this is a BT Wholesale problem, not necessarily a PlusNet problem - which is why they don't seem to be able to solve anything.

Moving to a new ISP may not solve what is inherently a problem with the technology.

By the way, just in case you wouldn't know how BT set your stable rate: they measure the sync speed constantly, take the lowest in any consecutive three-day period, discount 10% (ATM overhead) and round down to the nearest multiple of 512kbps.

So if you consistently sync at around 6500kbps your stable rate is 5632kbps which is very acceptable.

If, like myself, your router sync's at an average of 1000kbps, you're stuck with 512kbps - which comes back to my main issue with the technology: BT should allow SNR's of 6-7db (not the 16 to 24 I'm stuck with) and higher speeds, freeing up the 1.5Mbps+ I know my line can support. But they won't to protect their QoS.

So I'm :x too about this

What do you guys think of my recent speed test results?

I have a SNR of around 6, but that may be because of my line attenuataion of around 62. They'd have to increase SNR by a very large amount to overcome that, and I think that the increased gain would be defeated by the increased noise.
My stable rate is 2500, I'm 1.7 km from the exchange as the crow flies, BT says I should get 3 mbs or better, but I could barely reach 1 mbs before Max, my connection is stable, so I'm reasonably happy.

Provided I don't get stuck in the kbs when I go on holiday. I was on holiday for most of my training period, Plus got my stable rate a day after I returned.

Sometimes my SNR used to drop to 4.2 in the evenings and I lost sync.