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What am I doing wrong?? Network ok, no internet connection


What am I doing wrong?? Network ok, no internet connection

We've just invested in a laptop to add to our existing PC. PC and laptop are both plugged into the Netgear DG834 router. PC and laptop can see each other (e.g. I can map network drives), but whereas the laptop can connect to the internet the PC has been having severe problems ever since - 'xxx site cannot be found' (Firefox), 'remote host cannot be found', etc.

Prior to this, the PC did have connectivity problems which I put down to the router - a reboot usually seemed to do the trick, although occasionally I've had to do a Winsock fix (this at the advice of the Plusnet support desk). But the laptop has no connectivity problems even when the PC does, so it's not the router...

Have tried Winsock fix, can ping to router and laptop (actually sometimes I can ping the router but can't reach it via a browser to look at its settings), have tried both automatically assigning IP and not automatically assigning IP, and specifying the Plusnet DNS server addresses or not specifying them, but nothing works... Help!

IPs as follows:

my PC:

OS: Windows XP Home SP1

**EDIT: should have added that I've disabled the Windows firewall. Have also tried with firewall enabled but then I can't see the laptop and vice versa...**

Can anyone advise what might be going wrong?

As you can tell I'm a novice at this game - please excuse my ignorance/limited knowledge!