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What Exactly Do I need for ADSL?


What Exactly Do I need for ADSL?

Hiya !

Gettin ADSL *hopefully* next week! so just wondering,

I am gonna link up 2 computers, and have 1 cable left for a laptop to use 'as and when'.

So is this all I'll need...

An ADSL Modem/Router combined (4 Socket for future expansion)
Cat6 cables to connect router/comps
3 Splitters? (I have 3 phone sockets in house but only 1 will be the one plugged into modem for ADSL?)


The Engineer is coming to remove ISDN back to normal line first etc, but apparantly ill have ADSL the same day, will I need to be there? As ill be at work, but there WILL be someone in the house, just not someone who knows about comps etc

Is there anything they'll need to do to MY comp etc? (Or I take it that because im installing it all myself they will just leave me to it?)

Thankyou in advance for any help Smiley


What Exactly Do I need for ADSL?

Bang on the nail. You might need an rj11 to connect the modem/router to the phone line, but that'll almost certainly be bundled with the hardware. You need a filter for every phone point to which you have a device (phone, fax, router etc) connected. So yes, you need three.

BT will test the DSL line as working by syncing their own equipment to the exchange most probably. They certainly won't want to touch your machine.

What Exactly Do I need for ADSL?

Excellent,thanks for the help Cool