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Well done guys


Well done guys

Did another speed test at 12:40am

Downstream 320 Kbps (40.0 KB/sec) 368 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 234 Kbps (29.3 KB/sec) 269 Kbps (inc. overheads

Then did your own speed test and got 495.10kbps

Then I downloaded the first cd iso of Red Hat linux 8.0 at a constant 60.9kb/s

upload speed is spot on well done guys download speed seems to be thereCheesy Im proud of ya.

On another not does plusnet run a proxy server for web trafic? if so what is the address.

For all those people wondering why I am asking this, a web proxy run by plus net would be good for 2 main reasons. All web pages I request (even some files) that are already on the proxy would come down a lot quicker, and secondly this would save plusnet bandwidth seeing as your getting the file from them not the net. win win situation you see Cheesy

RE: Well done guys

no plusnet dont have a proxy server although they should Sad