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Welcome To This Forum + MTU Tweak Information


Welcome To This Forum + MTU Tweak Information

Hi There,

Welcome to the Broadband Help forum. There are many facets of Broadband in the UK and this is now the single most fastest growing area of our business. ADSL can be complicated though, and this forum allows you to seek advice, or help others, with regard to all aspects of the ADSL Service. This might include things like Hardware choices, networking setup, Speed comparisons or questions about UK ADSL coverage and rollout.

One of the main issues that comes up often is due to the MTU settings on your network or home PC. Details of a fix which can help with speed related problems can be found here.

This is a community forum and the support team don’t normally respond to posts made here (Although we will have input at quiet times). If you have a specific question, which requires support input, please raise this via Contact Us or in the Customer Feedback forum.

As members of the community, you are welcome to make any suggestions about how you would like this forum to develop in the future. The board administrators will be happy to make changes to the forums to help everyone here gain maximum benefit from the community.

As always, please ensure you stick to the Forum Guidelines and Forum Rules when posting here. The group will be moderated as required by Support and we would welcome offers of help from any customers who could assist with this.

With Regards,

The PlusNet Support Team