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Weird Password problem with migration


Weird Password problem with migration

Hi everyone,

I'm currently going through a migration process from BT to PlusNet at the moment, and last night when I tried to reconnet to BT it just kept saying Invalid Password/Username on Domain. So I thought great, my migration process must be complete and I should try to plusnet details. But I get the same message Invalid Password/Username on Domain.

So I'm not sure who I need to turn to for help, do I ring BT and try to get to sort it out, or is a problem with PlusNet. All of the password should be correct, since I've used the same BT password for 4 years, and I've typed it in hundreads of times, and for PlusNet I've been logging into my account all week with my plus net account without any problems, so I know the passwords are correct.

Can anybody perhaps give me some help as to what I should do nextHuh

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Weird Password problem with migration

Was yesterday or today you expected migration date?

I would ring the plusnet support line and see if you have been migrated and if so, get CS to activate your connection and see if that helps.

Normally making several connect attempts over an hour will trigger the automated activation but sometimes this does not work and it has to be done manually.

If you have not been migrated then you need to try a talk to BT customer support and find out why you can no longer connect to them.

Weird Password problem with migration

Same happened to me this morning. Rang em up and the guy activated my account there and then, and all is well Smiley

Weird Password problem with migration

Thanks for the replies, noticed a couple of hours ago, that plusnet have sent me an email saying that my account has been activated, so when I go home tonight, I will try to login with my plusnet details and hopefully that will work.

Not sure why I couldn't get online since last night though, but I don't mind as long as it works when I get home.

Fingers crossed :roll: