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Weekend Activation


Weekend Activation

Hi All,

My activation date is tomorrow (Saturday), although it appears as if the ADSL connection is already working - my router says "Authorisation Failure" and the ADSL link light is on. So I guess BT have done their stuff ahead of schedule (gasp!!!) and I'm just waiting for PlusNET to finish things off on their end.

SO.... I want to know if PlusNET staff work weekends to finish the activation, or will I have to wait till MondayHuh



Weekend Activation

You would normaly have to wait till Monday on that part, however.

First think, your line being in sync does not allways mean BT have finished completing there work, and they might still turn around and say it has failed.

PlusNets servers should see you authentication failures and automaticaly activate your account after 1 hour of the first few attempts.

If this is failing, you may need to turn off or disconnect your equipment from the phone line for upto an hour, then attempt again.