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Website bandwidth overlimit

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Website bandwidth overlimit

For the first time yesterday, I got an e-mail from PlusNet telling me my website was using in excess of its bandwith limit of 250Mb a day.

I deleted a few large files, but short of putting a notice up saying "Here's my site, but don't look at anything", is there anything I can do?

I checked help and support but I couldn't find anything.
Can I upgrade my limit?

Website bandwidth overlimit

What do you expect to be able to do?

There are a few things you can try.

1: Try reducing the size of graphics where possible.

2: Move recursive information to included files
IE, move CSS and javascript to seperate files.

3: Check your webstats and see if any one single host is eating your website usage. If so, block it.
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Website bandwidth overlimit

You may also want to check your site with mozilla browser, getting very strange effects, constant page refreshes on the funstuff pictures page and the games page just continuously refreshes, as does the funny stories page each time the page completes. When I click insurance or psychic comp links, when the page completes loading it just skips back to your home page.

The videos page may also be your problem.

All of the above problems may be adding to your bandwidth usage.

Website bandwidth overlimit

hopefully they'll increase the amount of bandwidth provided in the future Tongue

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