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Webpages pause on loading

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Registered: 16-09-2007

Webpages pause on loading

Has anyone else noticed these 'features' of plus net?...

1 - I have been on plusnet for a couple of weeks now, and notice that sometimes, not all the pictures on the portal pages load (they display the red-x). Refreshing doesnt always help, but right clicking and selecting to display the image does.

2 - I have transferred (actually copied) my home page from freeserve and notice that when browsing through the site (on plusnet) occasional a page will not load quickly (yet the on freeserve in a second broswer it is swift). You see the IE progress bar inching its way a long and if you bother to wait (1 minute+ at time) the page may load but frequently hasnt loaded and used the seperate style sheet.

To me it looks as if there may be a load problem or something on the web servers and portal site. Speed of connection is ok as per the speed test and comparison with freeserve Sad

Any comments or similar experiences?