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Web Space


Web Space

Hi people,
Im planing to make my own website,
I have a question, that need to be answered,

I know that I have got 250mb of space on the server,
The question I have got is, How Much BANDWITH can I use,
Is there a limitation to how much I can use per day or per month..??

Also Plusnet, Come on People, sort my connection problem out please,
or esle ill turn from Smiley toSad if it takes any longer

thanks IBY

RE: Web Space

Hi there,

Being a residential user, you recieve 250meg of bandwidth on your webspace per day.

With regards to your line noise. You need a splitter on every single phone in the house.

We recommend that you unplug all phones and plug your phone in the master socket with a single splitter. Check the downloads. If they are still bad, try anbother splitter. If this works, and it usually does. Slowly add more and more equipment till the line degrades.

When you find the offending phone, extension or splitter bin it and get a new one.

If it don't work then its a line fault, this is what is currently with BT. But, from experience it is more likely a didgy splitter or phone on the line.

Kind Regards


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