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Watchdog contact details


Watchdog contact details


In total agreement about the terrible service and the refusal to refund any of us, even as a gesture of good will. Watchdog will only get involved if enough of us contact them -its all about numbers so follow the link below and tell them how you feel about PlusNet.

And a message to the odd few who post on here saying that we shouldn't be complaining - 'Wake up and realise that profits ALWAYS come before customers - the only way that the service will improve is if we threaten, or actually do, vote with out feet'


RE: Watchdog contact details


But Watchdog are also only interested if they think that the complaint in question hits enough of a demographic for viewers to be interested.

For example, if train spotters were being maligned in some way by RailTrack, then Watchdog probably wouldn't care.

If WD don't think that Broadband is going to hit that demographic, they won't go with it.

On the other hand, Watchdog were quite happy to apply their slapdash journalistic spin to a story about BT sending customers huge phone bills, because of the fact that everyone disagrees with their phone bill at some point (usually because they can't remember every call made in a 3 month period, natch).

It was only after presenting as negative an image of BT as possible that WD decided to mention that actually SKY's crappy digiboxes were actually likely to be at fault, as stated by an independent expert on the show! Even then, they managed to make it sound like BT were the bad guys.

And yes, by the way, I do work for BT, and spent 4 very unhappy years working in Customer Services. I can also tell you that every single case of customers disagreeing with their bills always came to the same result - the numbers on the bills were called by the customers' phone (or modem, or teenage son, or nimble-fingered infant etc.) at some point.

Excuse the rant, but WatchDog really do p**s me off!