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Wanted > > > Human at Plusnet


Wanted > > > Human at Plusnet

Please can somebody help me to get connected to plusNET?

Does anybody have a contact number of somebody that can help? Like others the only human voice that I can hear is a sales advisor that cannot sell me plusNET!

Am I destined to remain with my dial up account?

The most upsetting thing is I know the telephone number of BTWholesale that deal with broadband matters but they cannot talk to me!
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Wanted > > > Human at Plusnet

Hi there and welcome to the forums

The PlusNet Support number is 0845 1400200 but it may take you some time to get to talk to a human these days

What is the problem your having with your connection ? if you can give as many details as possible here we may be able to help you either get connected or figure out where your problem lies a lot quicker than plusnet actually can (sadly)