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Waiting fo BB Activation


Waiting fo BB Activation

I moved house , different exchange.
The exchange has been ADSL enabled since January 19th.
On the ticket I raised I have been given this message:

Line clear, Provide order placed: 1-4RXPS6 Due by the 7/2/05.

The next action on your Contact Us Ticket is due on Monday 7th February at 9:00am. This ticket will remain open with the P&F - DSL Provisioning until this time.Additional information is provided below

The ticket 158***** has been released from hold and sent back to P&F - DSL Provisioning

I am technically minded enough to understand this terminology, can someone explain to me what this means?
Will I be Broadband connected on 7th February?
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Waiting fo BB Activation

It looks like now your exchange has been activated the ticket has been taken of hold and is now being actioned by the provision team.

With any luck you should have ADSL by the 7th Smiley

Waiting fo BB Activation

Thanks John.

Seems clear now, I take it it means it takes that time for a BT engineer to carry out the work.