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WLAN and Router help please.


WLAN and Router help please.

I am trying to help a friend set up a WLAN with ADSL Internet access (512Kb). Sometime in the future the internet connection will be DSL 2Mb.

Currently, the Access Point will be a 3Com® OfficeConnect® Wireless 11g Access Point :

The wireless cards for Notebooks(3 of them) will be: 3Com® OfficeConnect® Wireless 11g PC Card,

The wireless cards for the 7 desktops he has will also be from 3Com, but they will not be available for another month. Again though the g standard.

The confusion/dilema concerns the Router for accessing the internet. We are really stuck here. We just cannot fathom out what to get. We do not mind having a wireless adsl router for the time being, ( as long as it is compatible with all the other 'g' rated equipment), then purchasing a DSL Router in the future.

But do we need to go down this route (pardon the almost pun), will a Wireless 'g' Router described as DSL work with ADSL?
If so, suggestions please as to a make and model.
If not, can an ADSL wireless G Router be suggested please.

If I have thoroughly made a mess of this request, I am sorry, as you can guess, I am new to WLAN.
I am so desperate for some urgent help, I can offer the person who is most helpful a days salmon fishing on the River Towy this year, or for huge Seatrout next spring, it would just be a token of my thanks and appreciation.

Thank you for reading,

WLAN and Router help please.

ADSL is basically a type of DSL .They call them DSL routers because they
are made to work with other types of DSL eg. for the american market.
When sold in the UK they are basically ADSL routers.
With your chosen bit you need either of the 2 routers depending on the level of
security you want either 3C857 or 3CR856-95 again from 3Com and they
will work with your 2Mbit connection.
To the router you will need to connect a ethernet ADSL modem and 3Com
don't appear to make on so you will have to go for something from either D-link, Netgear and I think Hayes make one.
So you have, Modem - Router - Wireless g Access point.
If you went for something from Linksys or Netgear you can buy
combined moden/routers in one package.

WLAN and Router help please.

Thank you aleca for your very swift response.
So you are saying the cable/dsl described routers will work with adsl?

If that is the case, is it possible for us to consider the other Router on the webpage

the: 3Com® OfficeConnect® Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway?

Hope you revisit and post a reply.
PS. If others have other opinions/suggestions. I would be most pleased to read them/

WLAN and Router help please.

Oooops, maybe I have mabe a booboo in my reply to aleca, I dont need a wireless router do I.

WLAN and Router help please.

No, you don't -- just connect the 3Com Wireless Access Point to a standard ADSL router.

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WLAN and Router help please.

Yes Cable/DSL routers will work with ADSL.
The product you mentioned will also do, it's a combined router ( with 4
ethernet ports for 4 wired PC's) plus wireless g so it's 2 units in one,
whereas previously we looked at seperate routers to connect to a wireless g
access point basically look at the spec sheets and see what suits you best.
For a small network such as you describe the combined unit should be fine,
for a large network I would prefer having a seperate WAP with its own power supply.

WLAN and Router help please.

Moderators note (John) Unnecessary quote removed as it was the entire content of the previous post

It was little more than one line of text, for crying out loud!!! :x
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WLAN and Router help please.

Please see the Pm that I have sent you explaining the rules we work to on using quotes.
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WLAN and Router help please.

Many thanks for the contributions.
It seems that we will go with a Netgear DG814.
If you are ever in South Wales aleca and want a days fishing, let me know-well I did promise didn't I.
Regards to all.