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WINXP Sp2 and Binatone ADSL 500


WINXP Sp2 and Binatone ADSL 500

Ive tried installing my adsl modem on a machine with windows XP (sp2) but during the driver installation, it freezes reporting of errors.

This is all due to the Hardware manager pop-up, but it won't work with it turned on or off. Ive also ignored harware manager when it appears, but the same error occurs.

Is there anyway around this?

thanks in advance.

SUCCESS !! Installing Binatone USB 500 on XP SP2

I've mananged to install the Binatone 500 USB Modem on XP SP2.
Please see this post :

WINXP Sp2 and Binatone ADSL 500

As swans says in their message - the installation notes tell you to ignor the Windows pop-up message, but - I also found (some time ago now) that you do actually need to to press O.K./Continue (or whatever) in the pop-up otherwise the installation just times-out and fails.

By ingnoring that particular installation note, and pressing the appropriate Windows pop-up message button, I managed to install the Binatone ADSL-500 drivers, and it's all been working superbly for many months now.

Nearly forgot - again, as swans mentioned, after the Windows pop-up is acknowledged and the installation finishes, you will need to reconfigure the Binatone modem settings using the DSL Modem Setup Wizard found in the Start/Programs/Binatone... folder, as the initial settings appear to get lost.