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WEP Problems


WEP Problems

I've just installed a Netgear WGR614 router to connect the two XP PCs in my house.

Setting up was pretty simple and signal strength is good to excellent. But when I enable WEP (128 bit) the wireless signal drops on a regular basis, bringing up an XP balloon telling me there are "wireless networks available". Taking the encryption off restores a solid connection. I've updated to the latest firmware.

Any suggestions as to what could be the cause?
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WEP Problems

There is a known bug in Windows Xp

Which may be the cause of your problems - basically the connection unavailable comes up hen it shouldn't - I hibernate my PC most of the time and I rarely see the connectin as available.

Alas no fix till the next service pack.

Of course this maynot be what's wrong with your setup, but you should be aware of it.

C Hawke