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Voyager 205

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Voyager 205

Hi All,

I have recently received a Voyager 205 router modem for connection to Plus.Net. Is it worth updating the firmware for the router from 1.3 to the latest 1.6. Also, I noticed that my within the configuration it is using a MTU of 1500 - I thought that with this sort of connetion, it would run slow?

I currently have a ticket in the for a slow connection.

Does anyone have a link to say what the MTU on the router should be, or is it just the MTU in Windows that matters?

Also, reading some posts it seems that my PC is set to automatically obtain the dns server address. Other people have set theirs with an actual address. Does this make a difference, and where is the html page giving this information.

Regards Ray


I recently joined Plusnet and was using an MTU of 1430 which was the value that gave the max speed with my previous ISP. Trying different values with Plusnet showed that 1478 maximised the speed from about 1840 to over 1930 kb (I upgraded from 512 to 2m during the transfer).

Try different values to find the right value.


Voyager 205

For an excellent guide to Tweaking and MTU see this courtesy of Kitz.

Voyager 205

And yes - its always worth having the most up to date firmware, at least its supported, and if you do have any issues, most peeps will expect you to be on the latest version, so it can help make any queries easier to answer.
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Voyager 205


I am using the PlusNet supplied Voyager 205 with a NIC and am somewhat disappointed that my speeds are lower than expected.

My membership started on the day that my local exchange was enabled. A BT test states that my line is capable of 2m speed.
A BT speed test shows results very similar to the PlusNet tests below.

This router has a fixed MTU of 1460 so I have used DrWin to set up Windows98 at this speed.

I would appreciate the opinion of the gurus here on my speed stats. Are they good or bad?


14-07-2005 23:40:19 1418.6
14-07-2005 23:39:51 1625.1
14-07-2005 21:53:14 1412.8
14-07-2005 21:52:51 1426.3
14-07-2005 21:50:17 1376.1
13-07-2005 01:13:38 1539.2
12-07-2005 17:25:13 1281.7
11-07-2005 13:14:16 1439.8
11-07-2005 13:13:15 1629.6
10-07-2005 18:10:54 1148.8
09-07-2005 11:43:38 1477.2
08-07-2005 13:17:53 810.6
08-07-2005 13:16:39 923.3
07-07-2005 02:12:00 1237.6
05-07-2005 13:35:38 1236.2
04-07-2005 11:01:47 1306.8
03-07-2005 22:00:03 1835.4
02-07-2005 17:12:12 1245.4
02-07-2005 17:11:37 1252.5
01-07-2005 14:43:06 1507.9

Voyager 205

tbh, i have seen better speeds for a 2 mb connection. the test run on 7/7 at 02:12 would be classed as off peak hours. i would have expected that to be faster.

My mtu is 1430 and with that i get near to max speeds albeit on an underused exhange which is virtually in my back garden.

My knowledge of the Voyager 205 is very limited. i didnt realise you couldnt change the mtu value.
Posts: 77
Registered: 31-07-2007

Voyager 205

Thanks for the reply.

Further checks indicate that you are correct in thinking that the MTU on the V205 is fixed at 1500.

When I do a ping (ping -f -l 1500 the packets are fragmented. Need to go to 1430 before I get an OK result.

I think we have a problem :!: