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Voyager 205 in Modem mode


Voyager 205 in Modem mode

Help please.......
I have Pnet with a Static IP address and a Voyager 205 attached to it. I also have a VPN Airstation behind it for VPN access. But they are both DHCP servers so I think I need to turn off DHCP and enable Bridge on the Voyager to allow the WAN IP to pass through to the Airstation.
Is this correct? and if so how do I do it?

Voyager 205 in Modem mode

wow, some one trying to do just the same as i am!
We run Watchguard SOho 6tc firewalls and vpn, and am having problems with getting the BT voyager 205 to pass the wan ip through to the lan side of the modem, ie an invisible mode.
I think all's you need to do is set the modem to no nat and also switch off the dhcp as the firewall/vpn will do that. I havent tried this yet, but i will on tuesday.

If you have found the correct way of doing this then please let me know as i have to set this up on the bosses machine and i dont like getting it wrong.