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Voyager 105-no signal.


Voyager 105-no signal.

Help please.My daughters installation has suddenly lost connection to the internet.Modem diag. reports 'training' then no signal.On checking settings a 12 digit password has been generated that I can't overwrite. This happened once before but I entered the correct password and it was fine.Reinstalling modem had no effect.
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Voyager 105-no signal.


What you are seeing with a weird looking password length is perfectly normal. When saving the password, windows will then display a series of dots different in length to the real password. This means that people may not be able to guess the password from this.

If the modem reports that it is training, then no number of changes on your computer are likely to help.

Training means it is trying to aquire the signal to the telephone exchange. Once this occurs, the password already saved should function perfectly fine.

The most common cause of such training problems can be internal wireing. The following tutorials may be of assistance in rectifying this.

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Voager 105 no signal

Thanks for the reply Paul, checked wiring,tried direct line to master socket,tried known modem,reinstalled drivers again-no change, no synch.What next? Mike