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Virtual Paths


Virtual Paths

Over the past few months, I've discovered the plus net user tools. I've been keeping an eye on my exchange, as there always seems to be work planned as VPs have shown red since at least the beginning of the year.

Everytime the tool updates, the date that was given for the work has been and gone, but the red light still shines, and a new date about a month later is in its place.

To see an example, look at


Now I'm wondering whether this means that the month comes and goes and BT have done nothing, choosing to postpone work another month, or whether broadband uptake is soaring in Preston?

I've been toying with paying to queue jump to 2mb as the work on my exchange was due in April and July, however I'm not sure it's worth paying for a connection that's likely to slow down at peak times until BT extract their digit from their posterior.

I hope this makes sense to someone, and has anyone got a worse exchange?

Virtual Paths

Theres not a lot you can do about VP's.
It's down to BT to fix and not the ISP. As it's BT's hardware.
My exchange has gone into the red with the virtual paths and they've had ETA's on fixing the problem for a while. BT are busy with the free regrades at the moment, so i guess Virtual paths come low down on BT's list of things to do.
You will only notice a slow down, during peak hours. Which can be annoying but things do speed up when not many people are online.
It will get fixed eventually. Plusnet can't do anything about Virtual paths. It's a BT Wholesale problem, and effects all other ISP's that resell BT Wholesale products etc.
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Virtual Paths

Yes it is an unfortunate situation. My exchange - Intake has been red on the VPs for a long time (January or earlier) and I notice a real slow down all day, sometimes its not too bad, but some days it has been quite bad lately.

They where supposed to upgrade them in March, I was looking forward to this but its been put back til May. Whereas I use it in work (on a different exchange) and all is fine.

The only real option to improve things at the moment is use an LLU provider, who own thier own kit (eg Bulldog or UKOnline) or move to Cable, but then there is nothing to say you will get worse speeds with them.

Virtual Paths

its the same here mate and there are supposedly 10 dslams in my exchange alone. its always red and sometimes goes green for about a week tops.
always a month ahead with the fix dates.

its a laugh really....... Cheesy

Virtual Paths

Wow, 10 DSLAMs?

That would explain why it is rarely green though, as it only takes one DSLAM to cause a red exchange.
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Virtual Paths

Not trying to brag or anything but my exchange has 17 DSLAMS. Just means a lot of people near are on broadband meaning that it could be a while before I see the free upgrade to my speed. Timetabled for May June and July.