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Very slow broadband - is it to do with my line?


Very slow broadband - is it to do with my line?

I was recently connected to plus net in the last couple of days on an up to 8mb connection. Since then my broadband speed has been completely unusable for what I need it for (VPN'ing to work, xbox live etc). There was a short period when I was up to 2mb which isn't great but is better than nothing. I'm wondering if this is anything to do with my line because my attenuation seems very high. My modem connection stats are:

Data Path Interleaved
Standard G.dmt
Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 6976/448
SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 6.5/19.0
Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 44.0/26.0

My speed tests are:

01-02-2007 21:04:25 29.6
01-02-2007 20:40:05 390.2
01-02-2007 20:26:08 757.6
01-02-2007 20:17:48 577.4
01-02-2007 20:17:26 752.2
01-02-2007 20:14:33 49.2
01-02-2007 20:07:19 144.3
01-02-2007 20:06:41 179.2
01-02-2007 19:57:03 352.9
01-02-2007 19:22:04 37.2
01-02-2007 19:17:33 57.2
01-02-2007 07:36:45 173.7
31-01-2007 23:02:00 1912.3

I would really appreciate peoples opinion on this, especially someone from plus net customer support.

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Very slow broadband - is it to do with my line?

Post removed as it did not make any sense whatsoever.

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Very slow broadband - is it to do with my line?

It's not your line since it's synching at about 7 Mbps and although with properly sorted phone wiring more could probably be got out of a connection with an attenuation of 44 dB you aren't doing badly

It could be down to poor optimisation of your MTU and Rwin-- see and

Otherwise it could be down to the speed tester (not so likely with the low speeds you're showing) or some horrible aspect of PlusNet's service (take a look at other posts on the forum)

Very slow broadband - is it to do with my line?

Thanks for the replies. I try changing my MTU/RWin and it didn't really make much difference. My speeds seem to improve late at night (after 11pm) but last night I could only manage about 350k. During peak time my connection seems to crawl along at 5k - 20k and that's when I need to use it!

Anyone else got any ideas?

Slow Broadband

This is happening to me also. The PlusNet Help is not very responsive or helpful (possibly due to BT influence :? ).

I am now considering moving to a different supplier. It is disappointing ... PlusNet were great.