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Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic


Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic

Hi. Thought I'd start a new topic on this, as mwright suggested.

I have tried lots of different tricks, but to no avail.

Here are the facts I have so far:

1. Speed is fine on ME, but not XP

2. To try to download anything on XP is impossible. HTTP and FTP sites are all the same.

3. You cannot run things such as speed tests, because you cannot get them to download enough info to even start.

4. I have run task manager and TCP View, and all seems okay. CPU usage sits at between 1% and 3%. Network Utilization is sat at 0%

As yet I haven't downloaded any fixes as I will have to do this with a standard dial up connection. Does anybody know anywhere where you can get them without going through the full download of XP service packs?

As for trying to get a download time for a 5 meg file from ftp, I sat for 5 minutes and by then I only had 5 kbytes (yes kilobytes)

Hope this helps so far.


PS, I am about to ring Plusnet again.

Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic


I have just spoken to Binatone and they tell me you must have Service Pack 1 installed, plus two patch files.

They are e-mailing me the patch files at the moment. Is there anywhere to post these files when I get them?

Also, the guy I spoke to had a different Installation CD for the modem, as his CD had these patch files on it.

Hope this helps,


PS Does anyone know where you can download Service Pack 1 for XP, with out running the Windows Update procedure. That way I can get it whilst booted up in ME on Broadband and then reboot to XP to install it.

Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic

You can download SP1 from THIS page on the MS site.

That points to the Non-Microsoft web-browser page, which should prevent any use of ActiveX controls.

However, this still uses the MS express download manager.

You may alternativly download THIS 134MB file, which will install without an internet connection later.

To my knowledge, many backdated PC magazines carried SP1.

I would download an supply this myself on disk, however, that is a matter of trust. I am also unaware of the legal issues that could be raised.

Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic

Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy


At last. I have just downloaded and installed Service Pack 1a for Win XP and my Broadband now works on Win XP.

I haven't yet tried the patch files, but it seems okay without them.

Do we have anywhere to put these files?

Hope you all have as much success as me!!

Cheers Everyone,

Rich. Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic

Thanks for all that Rich. I expect to be in your position in a day or two and am even now arranging SP1 (@ work - broadband already) to be downloaded.
Couldn't envisage trying to download on my 56k dial up :shock:

Very Very Slow XP Connection - New Topic

Hi again everybody.

Hopefully you are all aware now that Service Pack 1a fixes this problem.

However, it appears that the required fixes of this SP are available as two files on some Binatone installation CD's. They are in a folder called 'patches'. The files are called:



Hope this helps some of you.

Personally, my CD doesn't have these files, but Plusnet are hoping to post them on the site somehow.

Good Luck!