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Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME


Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME


I got my Binatone 500 modem the other day, installed it onto my PC, that was running Windows ME. Everything worked fine and I was happy.

Yesterday, I installed Win XP on a second hard drive, in a dual boot facility. I then installed the modem onto XP, following the instructions to the letter, and I find the broadband link is so slow, its about 1000 times slower than dial-up.

If I reboot back to Windows ME everything is still fine, so it isn't the connection that is the problem.

Plusnet tell me I am about the 5th person today with slow connections on XP.

Anyone got any ideas,




Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

It would seem that modem doesn't work at all very well with XP.

There are at least 3 other threads currently open with the same issues.

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

On xp you must apply the reg hack for QOS or XP will keep 20% of the bandwidth .


this ones simple:
this is for broad band connections. I didn’t try it on dial up but might work for dial up.
1.make sure your logged on as actually "Administrator". do not log on with any account that just has administrator privileges.
2. start - run - type gpedit.msc
3. expand the "local computer policy" branch
4. expand the "administrative templates" branch
5. expand the "network branch"
6. Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left window
7. in right window double click the "limit reservable bandwidth" setting
8. on setting tab check the "enabled" item
9. where it says "Bandwidth limit %" change it to read 0
reboot if you want to but not necessary on some systems your all done. Effect is immediate on some systems. some need re-boot. I have one machine that needs to reboot first, the others didn't. Don't know why this is.

This is more of a "counter what XP does" thing. In other words, XP seems to want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for its self. Even with QoS disabled, even when this item is disabled. So why not use it to your advantage. To demonstrate the problem with this on stand alone machines start up a big download from a server with an FTP client. Try to find a server that doesn't max out your bandwidth. In this case you want a slow to medium speed server to demonstrate this. Let it run for a couple of minutes to get stable. The start up another download from the same server with another instance of your FTP client. You will notice that the available bandwidth is now being fought over and one of the clients download will be very slow or both will slow down when they should both be using the available bandwidth. Using this "tweak" both clients will have a fair share of the bandwidth and will not fight over the bandwidth.

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

Thanks for the advice mwright, but how do i log in as administrator?

I only seem to have 4 accounts, the ones for all my family that i put in during setup. There isn't one called administrator.

I tried the procedure you said in my login, that says it is an administrator, but it made no difference


Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

this sounds very interesting.....however when i do run gpedit.msc my pc says it cannot find the file...can it have anything to do with being a administrator....although i thought i

Re: Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME sorry but u seem to have the same probs ive been having...pc has windows xp and laptop has windows great on laptop 10000times slower on pc.....i have been sitting here for 16 days and nights trying to figure out this prob...however i think i can see the light at the end of the sure its windows xp......i have tried gpedit.msc but run cant find the file...sooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!.....any suggestions.

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

Yes, same here when i run gpedit.msc a box pops up wth file not found and i am the only user on this machine. Even tried a search but nothing found.
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Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

This is all very curious, I am having the same problem but in reverse, I'm on dual boot Win2k and ME, the 2k fires up in less than 5 seconds, when the ME is used I've got time to boil a kettle and make a cup of tea while it connects.

The only common thread I can see is I installed the ADSL on the 2k first, followed by the ME several days later, the original poster installed on his Me followed by XP.

Could the rediculously simple answer be that the faster connection will be which ever you installed first on a dual boot system...naw! couldn't be could it? but if it is then why?

PS I've checked all the suggestions I've had given to me for curing the ME slow connect, but none have ever made any difference, I just live with it now and enjoy the tea.
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Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME we all know that we all have the same problem what is the cure, how do i become an administrator on a pc that i thought i was the administrator...could this have anything to do with buying our hardware with xp already installed which meands we do not have the original xp start up cd...then that would make whoever installed it the true administrator and us just priviliged users....the plot thickens...mean while back at the ranch....billy still has no use of his £27.99 a month broadband and he has had it for do i become aa administrator so i can see the world....!!!!

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

The gpedit.msc should be in windows\system32 dir.
it should run from the command line if it doesnt then try set and see if system32 is in the path.

if the file isnt on the hard drive then you may have to copy it from the cd

there arev several files

they will need expanding. Are these slow connection just using one protocol ie http or is it across the board ie ftp mirc etc. Is the slow responce just asp or php page?

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

me again checking on other forums (not +nets) there seem to be a lot of people having the problem with the binatone modems. They all seem to say that if they reinstall XP it then works ok. Maybe worth a try.

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

my pc had xp installed already..i havent got yhe xp cd..however if i do system restore or bootflop will that help?

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

I have tried the GPEDIT file and it made no difference to my machine guys. Yes it does seem to be a problem with XP and I have tried all different methods. I have tried installing XP as a standalone system(by disabling the Hard drive with ME) and I have tried dual boot. I have also tried putting on ME and then upgrading.

So far all have produced the same result of a very slow XP. My next move is to install ME and get the broadband running on that, then upgrade.

Does anyone know if the XP support packs will solve this?

Personally I feel this is a problem for Plusnet to solve (with our help), after all they have supplied this modem and it should therefore work without a hitch on their system. So far they have supplied goods that don't do the job they were supplied to do.

The guy I spoke to yesterday at Plusnet tried, but really had no idea.

Perhaps we should all start getting them to look into it and solve it. Otherwise, they should supply us with a different type of modem. Don't you think?

Here's hoping

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

+Net shouldn't have to support the modems in the way you describe, however, they are responsible for giving you a replacment.

It would be the same if you purchased the item from say, They wouldn't provide support in this way.

The fact it seems to be on XP more than other systems, would sugest that there are major issues in the drivers.

99% of the USB connected modems actualy use the CPU to do all the real work. The components in them simply translate the incoming signal, into somthign that can be transported to the CPU for processing.

As such, the drivers are job critical.

Very Slow on XP, great on Win ME

+Net shouldn't have to support the modems in the way you describe, however, they are responsible for giving you a replacment.

It would be the same if you purchased the item from say, They wouldn't provide support in this way.

I'm not at all certain that you're on good legal ground there, "acarr"!

If someone purchases a modem from Dabs, there's no undertaking that it should work with a particular ISP; the contract is merely for the supply of a modem.

In the case of PlusNet, the contract is for the supply of goods and services as a complete package; therefore, I would expect, under the Supply of Goods and Servives Act, they are under obligation to provide something which works. If, however, they've explicitly stated it does not work with Windows XP, that's a different matter, but I don't believe they have.