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Variations in Speeeds

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Variations in Speeeds


Had broadband for 4 weeks and I find the variations in speed enormous, from relatively fast (for me, compared to the previous 56k) to relatively slow.

I've read various questions on this site and I wondered if anyone can explain what is happening.

Router: Voyager 210
Cable to office with micro-splitter+telephone

Bandwith Speedtest results:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
05-04-2007 14:30:14 84.3
05-04-2007 12:48:08 127.2
05-04-2007 11:45:08 127.7
05-04-2007 11:42:48 126.7
04-04-2007 21:49:36 84.7
04-04-2007 15:23:48 119.9
04-04-2007 15:13:52 88.5
04-04-2007 15:12:44 84.6
04-04-2007 12:46:54 126.3
04-04-2007 11:17:07 126.6
04-04-2007 10:17:26 478.6
03-04-2007 15:16:12 474.6
03-04-2007 12:45:45 473.3
03-04-2007 10:45:39 555.2
02-04-2007 17:28:42 2321.1
02-04-2007 12:52:24 2354.6
02-04-2007 11:22:37 2390.4
01-04-2007 22:25:22 2234.6
01-04-2007 18:20:28 2332.8

My Broadband Speed Plusnet
Today 14:31 129 kbps (16.1 KB/s) 378 kbps (47.3 KB/s) Share
Yesterday 11:19 129 kbps (16.1 KB/s) 377 kbps (47.1 KB/s) Share
Sunday 22:39 2400 kbps (300 KB/s) 380 kbps (47.5 KB/s) Share
Sunday 16:25 2398 kbps (299.8 KB/s) 380 kbps (47.5 KB/s) Share
Mar 30, 16:39 479 kbps (59.9 KB/s) 375 kbps (46.9 KB/s) Share
Mar 30, 15:38 556 kbps (69.5 KB/s) 378 kbps (47.3 KB/s) Share

I'm completely new to broadband and I am picking a lot of knowledge up from this community, so I hope someone can explain what is happening.


Variations in Speeeds

Try the steps recommended in this thread- getting rid of the extension cable for a short period might be an idea if possible.

Also check the BT Speedtester* to see what your IP Profile is reported as and compare this to your current sync rate** as reported by your modem. Also see what your connection profile is at the PN end by clicking here.

*This will require you to login with the same user name as you use for your modem, probably in the form <username>

**Although your modem isn't explicitely mentioned it should be similar to the methods listed here for previous versions.
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Registered: 03-08-2007

Variations in Speeeds


Can't get rid of extension cable.

BT result:
Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is - 135 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 1152 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 111 kbps

Line status according to modem:
Line Mode G.DMT Line State Show Time
Latency Type Interleave Line Up Time 00:00:16:33
Line Coding Trellis On Line Up Count 3

Statistics Downstream Upstream
Line Rate 3808 Kbps 416 Kbps
Noise Margin 10.1 dB 7.0 dB
Line Attenuation 15.5 dB 25.0 dB
Output Power 19.4 dBm 12.3 dBm

Speed on Plusnet connection page: 500kbs
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Variations in Speeeds

Looking at your attenuation figure you must live right next to the exchange.
Your problem is noise on the line - first step must be to check your own wiring/system.
Just as a quick check before you anything else disconnect all phones, sky boxes etc. so that only the computer is connected and see if there is a major change.
If you can you should temporarily move your computer next to the master socket and plug it in there (remove the lower plate on the socket and plug into the socket behind).
You should then see a synch rate of about 8128kbps with a healthy noise margin.
If you do then the problem is with your internal wiring.
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Registered: 03-08-2007

Variations in Speeeds

Thanks for the help.

The line noise figure has reduced over the afternoon to 8.7, and last week I noted, though I did not know what it was at the time, that it was about 5,5.

So I'll wait a few days, see if it settles down, and then look at the cabling issue.