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Does anyone know what and how much by PlusNet are shaping VPN on Premier Accounts?

We have a Gateway to Gatway connection one side of the tunnel (Site X on Nildram) works fine and you seem to be able to browse the network and the pcs on Site Y fine and fast. The other side of the tunnel (Site Y on my PlusNet connection) as soon as you attempt to access any share on site X that has more than a few files/folders it hangs for ages and eventually times out.

The same behaviour is seen with websites hosted on the localhost of machines. From site X I can view the router config page of site Y and other sites hosted on machines at site Y but from site Y your lucky just to get a few bits of text and then the images wont load and the whole thing just dies spectacualy.

Just trying to rule this out as a PlusNet shaping issue before I waste loads of time playing with hardware reasons being because site X > Y will rely on the upload and X > Y which is problamatic is download reliant and obviosuly more prone to shaping.