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VPN disconnects / problematic when running other networking


VPN disconnects / problematic when running other networking

Okay, not the best topic description but I need to convey quite a lot in it.

I have a bizarre and interesting problem that I thought I'd pose to you all in the hope someone might have a bright idea.

My other half works from home a few days a week. To access her work she connects over our ADSL link to her work using a Microsoft (within XP) VPN tunnel.

Her laptop was issued by her work and is a member of their work domain. It picks up a dynamic address from my DHCP server when she connects to my network therefore making routing possible.

I have a domain controller and several PCs at home which all connect to the internet via a Netgear DG834G router.

I have a 2Mb connection that will happily downstream at 260kps and up and 45kps.

The problem seems to be that if anything like Azureus is open and running on another PC on the network (even thought it's up and down speeds are throttled) my other half gets kicked off of her VPN after a few minutes of use.

I used to have port 6881 on my router port forwarding to the address of my main PC that Azureus was running but have since disabled this and opted for UPnP instead within Azureus.

I've taken to stopping my transfers when I know she'll be working from home; however I don't see why she should get kicked off as at least half the pipe (up and down) is left free for her should the other apps be taking up the other throttled half of the bandwidth.

I used to have a permanent VPN solution between my house and a friends - this stays up when hers goes down. I can also connect via a different VPN solution at the same time to my place of work so it all seems to be her machine rather than any of my network.

Has anyone any suggestions as today I've had to stop using "logmein" to remote control my home PC from work as she thinks that's supping her bandwidth now too! I'm just fed up with not being able to use my own pipe for anything because it seems her VPN is so friggin sensitive!!!

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Re: VPN disconnects / problematic when running other network

I've only used MS VPN for Win98se but from what I've read, whilst MS VPN is up, you cannot do other internet things. If you do, it drops the VPN link.

Not heard of a MS VPN tunnel dropping though when another machine on a LAN accesses the internet.

But then, I suggest that your Netgear DG834G router would be a far better, secure, VPN tunnel. You certainly won't get the VPN dropping, unless you have an idle timeout set.

Maybe have a word with her IT Support for setting this up. But I guess you could work it out yourself.

Good luck.


VPN disconnects / problematic when running other networking

Thanks - her work don't really have an IT Support team - they are a bunch of DBAs and Developers; not support staff. They have outsourced their "support"; however those people seem to think they can remote control a PC that can't get on their VPN when it isn't on their VPN by putting in the problematic machine's local IP address to a their remote control software. As you can imagine I don't hold out much hope.

Thanks for your thoughts - I'll keep plugging at it.