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VPN Times Out after speed upgrade


VPN Times Out after speed upgrade

I have 2MB Broadband with a Binatone router on one PC. I occasionally need to access work which I can do either via dial up or VPN.

Recently I have noticed that when I use VPN, although I have no problem connecting, everything I try and do times out after a few seconds. For example if I use VNC to access my work PC the top half of the screen is displayed but the bottom half never appears. If I use Remote Connection the desktop is shown but whatever application I start, the whole of the screen never gets displayed. If I try and download a file it starts ok but then hangs. Plenty of other people use the same VPN with no problems at all, including others on Plusnet. If I use dial up into work this problem doesn't occur.

It used to work fine up until a few weeks ago and the only thing that has chnaged is that I have been upgraded to 2MB from 1MB, but I have no problems at all when not using the VPN, and my speeds are consistently good when I have measured them.

Surely there is nothing that has happened as part of the speed upgrade that would have caused this is there ?