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VNC and Voyager 205 Broadband

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Registered: 23-08-2007

VNC and Voyager 205 Broadband

Anyone had any joy connecting to a VNC server running on a plusnet user's machine using a voyager 205 router?

On the router's firewall, I tried opening up port 5900 for both inbound and outbound tcp, and adding a NAT virtual server to redirect connections on those ports to the internal IP address of my PC, and various combos of the above, but I still cannot get a connection to my machine from an external VNC client.

Hell, at one point, I turned security off, and opened up everything, but still couldn't get a connection.

VNC finds the router okay, but then nada.

And, yes, I remembered to turn off zonealarm as well...

So, anyone managed this, and if so what did they do?