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Using my Static IPs


Using my Static IPs

I don't know exactly how I can do this so hopefully someone will be able to tell me if I can and if so what I am doing wrong.

To start with let me explain my setup. I have 6 PC's connected to a Checkpoint Safe@Office 110 Firewall/VPN, this in turn connects to a Netgear DG834G ADSL Router (with SP1 Firewall). and two static IP's from +net (anyone from +net reading this, thank you for getting those sorted for me so quickly!! :lol: )

+net have given me 3 IP addresses, one for the default gateway, one for my router, and one for spare (I am going to give this to my firewall) and a subnet of I would like to set my router up with one of the static IP's given to me and disable NAT on the router, The checkpoint firewall will take the spare IP address and handle the NAT for my LAN

Problem comes when I want to setup my router as when I connect using PPPoA I get my IP address details assigned by a DHCP server, I can configure the router to use the static IP +net have given me for the router no problem the same goes for the DNS server however the DHCP server hands out a subnet of and there is no was I can change this on my router whilst using PPPoA.

So I have to tell my router that my Internet connection does not need a login and I can enter my full IP details correctly as +net have given them to me with the correct subnet.

This comes at a price, I then cannot connect to +net as I am told by 5 seperate members of the support team that they will only accept logins to their service by use of PPPoA something I cannot use should I want to use my static IP's.

Are there any other ways that I could get the end result I am wanting? I have come accross ISP's in the past who will use either username/passwords to grant access or hardware MAC addresses. Is MAC address authentication a option I can use?

:? :? Please help :? :?

Thanks in advance

Using my Static IPs

Did you get this sorted out :?: