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Using Another ISP's DNS Server


Using Another ISP's DNS Server

QUESTION: Would there be any advantage (or disadvantage) to using another isps dns servers?

Looking at the top 10 fasted providers, I see zen and eclipse up there - so if I were to use thier dns servers would I get a 'snappier response' whilst browsing?

Its an interesting point and I look forward to feedback.....
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Using Another ISP's DNS Server

There is nothing to stop you using other ISP DNS servers, often people have them as well as the local ISP servers.

Using another ISPs DNS server means your DNS request has to go through PlusNets network then onto the internet and then into the other ISPs network before it gets to the DNS server and also takes a longer path on it's way back. This means it could take longer to get DNS lookups.

It is always recommended to use the DNS servers for your ISP as they are the closest and have the best chance in replying to a DNS requests in the fastest time.

PlusNet have 6 DNS servers you can choose from: (normally allocated) (normally allocated)

Is there a reason why you asked?

Also what do you mean by 'the top 10 fastest providers'?

Using Another ISP's DNS Server

Yeah I thought as much, was just curious. Thanks for posting the 'other dns servers' why is there 6?

What I meant by 'fastest providers' was me still in adslguide mode - I had been makng some posts over there and (ahem) forgot I was posting a question on plus.nets forum - doh!

Using Another ISP's DNS Server

The reason for 6 is due to the location of where you connection terminates, and quality of service purposes.

On ADSL, it is possible terminate your connection at Telehouse East or Telehouse North. As such, there are two servers located at each of these sites. & Telehouse East & Telehouse North &
Located and designed for use by Dialup customers