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Username and password woes


Username and password woes

Hi there

I am having problems sending e-mails out.. I changed one of my e-mail setups to use the SMTP but it asks me for a username and password.. I am sure that the one that comes up is right, I assume it's the same as the one I use to dial up and there is no problem there..

what do I do.... I am getting really fed up with not being able to use these e-mail accounts.. Cry Cry

Thanks heaps


Username and password woes

What email client are you using? Do you get the error sending or recieving?

If its when you send it should not ask for username/password unless you have incorrectly set up the client to use secure connection of some sort. Without knowing youe client I cant be more specific but look to make sure you have on normal or regualr connection set
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Username and password woes

Outging mail does not reqiore authentication so that must be disabled in your email client. If you are using outlook express, under the server tab of the account details untick both Logon using secure password authentication and My server requires authentication. For other cleints find the equivelant settings.

Username and password woes

For further help in setting up your mail client see This page.

Select the relevant mail client and follow the instructions.

Let us know how you get on.